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Anya wins New Face, $1000

Anya have just won the new face of 2018 alongside a whooping $1,000 for a shopping spree in New York come 2019. She is also booked to be doing a photo shoot with a top photographer, James Hercules, while in New York.
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Imade Ogbewi

Now based in New York, Imade is now one of the topmost African Models making waves in the modeling industry, gracing international runways, fashion weeks, commercials, and special features in magazines, still remaining world top fashion designer’s delight such as Bibhumohapatra, Jaquemus, Aquila, Lorimondi, Phillip Lim, Bibhu Mohapatra, Moncler, Tome, Kate Spade, Adam Selman, Byblos, Vivienne Westwood, Alexis Mabille, Margaret Howell, Naeem Khan, Band Of Outsiders, Ohlin, Desigual, Ulla Johnson, Mulhier, A.P.C, Au Jour Le Jour, Msgm, Ante Prima, Mario Dici, No 21, Eudon Choi, and so on… She is currently signed with her mother agency ISIS Models Africa, New York – d1 Model Management, Paris – Silent, Milan – Brave Model Management, London – d1 Model Management, Barcelona – Francina Models 

Imade has appeared on magazines such as Vogue Italia, Vogue Uk, Jalousie, The Factory Indie Magazine Editorial, Street Appeal Interview Magazine, Tale Of City Portrait, King Kong Magazine, W Magazine and WWD Magazine,  and a shoot she recently did in the Canary Island. Added to her wall of fame is her feature on Gucci making her the very first West African Model to achieve this. She’s worked with Edu, New York based Designer Mulhier, New York designer TOME NYC, Vivienne Westwood and Weiz Stuartman the legendary Shie brand, Stuartweitz that is the legendary show brand, Stella Jean in Milan, Iralian designer Mario Dice, Adam Selman, African Designers Stepania Moreland, Susan Heynes, Deola Sagoe, Clan, David Tlale, Khosi Nkosi, Marianne Fassler, Gavin Rajah, Taibo Baca of Mozambique, Italian designer Mario Dice.
She has graced the runway of Africa International fashion week during the Vogue Talent for Africa, Lagos Fashion and Design week and Ecowas Fashion week. She was one of four models who were nominated at the Mercedes Benz fashion week 2014 as most likely to make it in the world, they were right. At that event two winners of Nigeria’s Next Super Model were nominated and Favour Lucky won.


Imade Ogbewi, 179 cm / 5’10.5″, Nigerian, born May 28th originating from Benin, Nigeria was discovered in Lagos Nigeria in 2011 by ISIS Models Africa through the agency modeling contest – Nigeria’s Next Super Model. Prior to this time, she was a student at the Universite of Lagos Nigeria. Her journey to stardom kicked off that same year when she emerged as the winner of the contest with Deon Redman, Regina Jire the editor of Africas biggest fashion Magazine, Remi Diagbare making the panel of judges and was given a brand new car and a modeling contract with the mother agency. This launched her on the modeling runway and as a natural-born model and a beauty queen, she unleashed her embedding passion for modeling and the fashion world took notice of her “runway magic”. Imade trended in the same year 2011 as the busiest model in Nigeria. She quickly became photographer’s favorite and fashion designer’s delight as she graced several runways on international platforms. Her trip to South Africa was the first, and then to The Gambia, then to London and that was it… she’s unleashed!

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Model To Watch: Adot Gak

ISIS Model, a Sudanese-by-way-of-Egypt-and-Iowa, Adot Gak got interviewed by Paper Magazine:

Tell us about you! Where are you from, what were you pursuing prior to modeling, had you ever thought about modeling before being discovered?

I was born in the northern part of Sudan and moved to Egypt when I was 4 years old. When I was 10 years old, my family moved to the USA (Iowa) after the incident that happened on December 30th of 2005 where my baby sister was killed. I’ve been living in Iowa since 2007 and recently just moved to New York to pursue my modeling career. I am a hairstylist–that’s what I was doing long before modeling. I also do stand up comedy. I’ve always wanted to model, but every agency I went to in our little town told me I was too dark and I won’t sell there. This was when I was 14 years old so I gave up.

Can you tell us the story of how you were discovered? How did it feel?

I got discovered when I was 20 at a mall shopping for my work clothes. I was looking in the mirror, doing my little walk and this crazy woman stopped me and asked me if I was a model. I told her, “Yeah, in my head.” We both laughed and she gave me a card to email her when I was ready to be a real model. I didn’t bother to contact her until 6 months later because I didn’t take her seriously. I did a few local magazines and it felt like I was dreaming because I never thought I was capable of doing it.

What is the most exciting moment you have had so far in your career?

The most exciting moment of my career was probably this past fashion week when I got to walk with models I looked up to growing up, like Maria Borges and Nykhor Paul for Christian Cowan. I literally cried when I got home.

What is the most challenging thing about modeling?

The most challenging thing is probably keeping true to yourself, because there’s times where you’re feeling like you’re not good enough, thin enough or pretty enough. I learned to never compare myself to anyone and keep being the crazy goofy person that I am and eat whatever makes me happy.

What is your favorite thing about this industry? Has anything surprised you?

My favorite thing about this industry is the people; I get to meet different people every day. I love meeting new people and you get to know great people that will be in your life forever, which is amazing. Nothing really surprised me. I love everything about this industry because for once I felt normal, like I belong here and nowhere else.

Photographer: Tiffany Nicholson
Stylist: Calvy Click
Makeup: Katie Mellinger
Model: Adot @ D1

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